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Original title  : Religió: Jurnal Studi Agama-agama
English title  : Religió: Journal of Religious Studies
Short title  : Religió
Abbreviation  : RJSAA
Frequency  : 2 issues per year (March and September)
Number of articles per issue  : 6 research articles and reviews per issue
DOI  : 10.15642/religio
P-ISSN  : 2088-6330
E-ISSN  : 2503-3778
Editor-in-Chief  : Ahmad Zainul Hamdi
Publisher  : Department of Religious Studies, Faculty of Ushuluddin and Philosophy, Sunan Ampel State Islamic University Surabaya

St. Ahmad Yani 117 Surabaya, East Java 60237, Indonesia
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Language  : English
Discipline  : Religious Studies

Religió: Jurnal Studi Agama-agama is an interdisciplinary journal of religious studies, published twice a year by the Department of Religious Studies, State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel Surabaya. This publication concern includes studies of world religions such as Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and other religions. Interdisciplinary studies may include the studies of religion in the fields of anthropology, sociology, philosophy, psychology, and other cultural studies.  The journal mainly publishes research-based articles in the area of religious studies. It may also publish a special issue for special conditions. The regular issues include March and September editions each year. All prospective contributors from various backgrounds are welcome to contribute to the journal publication. Contributions in English should be typed single-space and contain a minimum of 5.000 and a maximum of 8.000 words. The citation should follow Turabian style with footnotes

Vol. 12 No. 1 (2022): March

The Hare Krishnas in Bali: Localized Religion and New Religious Movement

Ravinjay Kuckreja(1),

(1) Universitas Hindu Negeri I Gusti Bagus Sugriwa Denpasar, Indonesia

Page: 1-23

DOI : 10.15642/religio.v12i1.1857 , Abstract views: 149 , Downloads : 99

From Sraddha to Nyekar: Continuity and Change in the Practice and Meaning of Sraddha in Contemporary Society

Nareswati Kintoko Budiningsih(1), Febrian Indar Surya Kusuma(2), Satria Indar Dwi Kusuma(3),

(1) Department of Education and Training Puanhayati, Central Java, Indonesia
(2) Legal and Social Department DMD MLKI Surakarta, Indonesia
(3) Department of Research and Development DMD MLKI Surakarta, Indonesia

Page: 24-41

DOI : 10.15642/religio.v12i1.1858 , Abstract views: 102 , Downloads : 40

Redefining “Sacred” through the Indigenous Religion Paradigm: Case Study of Sunda Wiwitan Community in Kuningan

Fany Nur Rahmadiana Hakim(1),

(1) Center for Religious and Cross-cultural Studies, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Page: 42-63

DOI : 10.15642/religio.v12i1.1859 , Abstract views: 98 , Downloads : 39

Towards an Interreligious Engagement: A Case Study of Paguyuban Eklasing Budi Murko (PEBM) in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta

Suheri Suheri(1), Haris Fatwa Dinal Maula(2),

(1) Gerakan Kerelawanan Internasional (GREAT), Yogyakarta, Indonesia
(2) Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Page: 64-82

DOI : 10.15642/religio.v12i1.1861 , Abstract views: 110 , Downloads : 64

Cultural Violence towards the LGBTQ+ Community in Islamic Majority Country: A Case From’s Comment Section

Siti Ivadhea Harrisa(1), Nokia Putri Andika Lainsyamputty(2),

(1) Udayana University Bali, Indonesia
(2) Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Page: 83-102

DOI : 10.15642/religio.v12i1.1862 , Abstract views: 83 , Downloads : 99

Deconstructing the Dichotomy of Agama and Kepercayaan: A Transformative Strategy in the Politic of Recognition towards Marapu Indigenous Religion

Krisharyanto Umbu Deta(1),

(1) Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) Salatiga, Indonesia

Page: 103-126

DOI : 10.15642/religio.v12i1.1863 , Abstract views: 84 , Downloads : 58
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