Metode Penafsiran al-Zuhaylî dalam al-Tafsîr al-Munîr

  • Ainol Ainol Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Zainul Hasan Genggong, Probolinggo


The first and the foremost authority interprets the Koran is the Prophet Muhammad because he was receiving a direct Koran. After the Prophet, the authority was followed by his companions, tâbi‘în, and mufassir afterward. Interpretations performed above the companions known as tafsîr bi al-ma’thur. This commentary underlies the discussion and its source in history. This method became known as a method of interpretation of the Koran is called the method of history. In addition, the method used at that time was the tafsîr bi al-ra’y underlying source on reasoning and ijtihâd. One contemporary commentator who try to combine the two sources of the interpretation is Wahbah al-Zuhaylî. The interpretation of the content approached the Koran, from a classic interpretation that many make al-ma’thur as the source and from the angle of the many modern and contemporary make ra’y as the source


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